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BSDCon Europe 2002: November 2002, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ian Darwin,
Secure Internet Firewalls With OpenBSD (tutorial)

Presentation not available

Hans van de Looy and Brenda Langedijk,
Using the FreeBSD ports collection to perform network forensic analysis (tutorial)

Presentation not available

Poul-Henning Kamp,
FreeBSD GEOM (tutorial)

Presentation, PostScript, 2.61MB

Paul Richards,
Device Drivers (tutorial)

Presentation not available


Mike Karels,
BSD: Past, Present and Future (keynote)

Presentation not available

Conference talks

Eilko Bos,
Virtual Private Networks using FreeBSD - a casestudy

Paper, PDF, 421KB
Presentation not available

Philipp Bühler and Henning Brauer,
Running and tuning of OpenBSD network servers in a production environment

Paper, PostScript, 369KB
Presentation, MagicPoint, 9KB

Pim Buurman,
Xperteyes - keeping your system under control

Paper, PDF, 386KB
Presentation, PowerPoint, 36KB

Alistair Crooks,
Package views - a more flexible infrastructure for third-party software

Paper, PDF, 192KB
Presentation not available

Hubert Feyrer,
Clustering NetBSD

Paper, PDF, 1.85MB
Presentation, PDF, 4.94MB

Alan Horn,
Monitoring the world with NetBSD

Paper, PDF, 173KB
Presentation, MagicPoint, 8KB

Poul-Henning Kamp,
Timecounters: Efficient and precise timekeeping in SMP kernels

Paper, PDF, 106KB
Presentation, PostScript, 187KB

Brad Knowles,
MTA Performance on *BSD: Sendmail, Postfix and Exim on (Free|Net)BSD and MacOS X

Paper, PDF, 2.07MB
Presentation, PowerPoint, 4.05MB

Albert Mietus,
Securing syslogd on FreeBSD

No paper was written
Presentation, PDF, 587KB

Marco Molteni,
Using SCTP with Partial Reliability for MPEG-4 Multimedia Streaming

Paper, PDF, 307KB
Presentation, HTML, 1.88MB

Bram Moolenaar,
All For One Port, One Port For All

Paper, PDF, 94KB
Presentation, PDF, 1.57MB

Riccardo Scandariato,
Advanced VPN support on FreeBSD systems

Paper, PDF, 335KB
Presentation, PDF, 277KB
See also

Dag-Erling Smørgrav,
Authentication in FreeBSD 5.0

No paper was written
Presentation not available

Ignatios Souvatzis,
A shared write-protected NFS root file system for a cluster of diskless machines

Paper, PDF, 28KB
Presentation, PostScript, 400KB

David Sugar,
Using BSD for current and next generation voice telephonyservices

Paper, PDF, 150KB
Presentation not available

Valeriy Ushakov,
Porting NetBSD to JavaStation-NC

Paper, PostScript, 56KB
Presentation not available

Gerald Wilson,
MacOS X on a budget

Paper, PDF, 173KB
Presentation not available

Marko Zec,
FreeBSD Network stack virtualization

No paper was written
Presentation, PDF, 226KB